Quynnetta’s gift was discovered at a young age. As her voice became a recognizable talent  her desire to perform was ignited.  She also cherished the ministry that the Lord called her into and endowed her with his anointing to play the piano by ear as the spirit led.


Stylistically, Quynnetta, also known as Q, is reminiscent of Gospel music legend Mahalia Jackson combined with sonic elements of Ella Fitzgerald, Quynnetta enters into worship with her whole heart. She has come to understand that there is nothing more important than her relationship with the Father. She serves with an unbridled passion and is free in his presence. That is why her Heart will forever belong to God.  Being a trained jazz and classical vocalist, she keeps a close ear on the ever-changing sound of different genres along with understanding its purpose and beauty.


Q is a Minister of music and worship leader and the creative arts director of New Unity and Faith for Miracle Deliverance Ministries located Savanna Illinois and Freeport, Illinois. She is a part of Asonesound music group, Chicago Illinois and was a vocalist contestant on TLN- Emmy award winning show Inspiration Sensation.


"My mission is to please God! My heart's desire is to live life through the music! My Goal is to make a difference with everything I put my hands to. My overall outlook through this journey is to have the spirit of servitude,  do it while having fun, having joy and love in my heart!"-Q


Without faith it is impossible to please God! (Hebrews 11:6)